Disputeshock selects CCODR secure platform to facilitate online dispute resolution 

With face to face mediation and arbitration across the UK and the Republic of Ireland cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have chosen the CCODR platform as an innovative, purpose-built platform to enable disputes to be resolved whilst practicing social distancing following respective government guidelines.

Disputeshock via the CCODR platform is an immediate solution to difficulties caused by social distancing and travel restrictions. Its use reduces costs, commute times and allows for parties to participate in ODR sessions remotely following the easing of restrictions.

Unique features of the platform include end to end encryption (E2EE), a full suite of case management tools for mediators and arbitrators, encrypted uploading and file sharing, and integration of digital billing including invoices, payments and receipts, among other features purpose-built into the platform to facilitate highly secure online dispute resolution sessions.

Speaking on the importance of using this platform over other commonly-used mainstream video conferencing facilities, John Keers a CCODR Co-Founder, said, “As a direct response to the coronavirus crisis, alternative dispute practitioners have adopted the use of online platforms to continue to practice, for example, mediation. The issue with many of these platforms is the lack of end-to-end encryption, known security weaknesses, and the possibility of not complying with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). When dealing with sensitive topics and documents, it is essential that alternative dispute practitioners are utilising a platform that is safe, secure and compliant with all domestic Data Protection laws”.


Noting the importance of a secure online platform for mediation Michael Bready, Barrister, Mediator and Arbitrator and himself a member of the Disputeshock panel, added, “In addition to providing an immediate solution to the delays in scheduled mediation sessions, the launch of this platform answers an ongoing need to ‘unclog’ the courts by adapting the use of out-of-court solutions like video conferencing and online dispute resolution software.  This need was echoed in Lord Justice Gillen’s 2016 Review of Civil and Family Justice in Northern Ireland, and we are confident our platform will, via Disputeshock, be applied to issues including small claims, late and non payment of invoices and other SME related disputes which can be best resolved outside of court.”

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