At just £125 plus VAT per month, or 1,375 plus VAT for 12 months (including one month free) Protect+ gives subscribers access to pre-paid mediation and arbitration services and a range of free and pre-paid services and discounts on the wider range of Hunt ADR products and services. 


Bought under standard rates the combined elements of this package would cost in excess of £1,800 plus VAT.


Benefits include:

  • 15% discount on the cost of mediation and arbitration

  • Up to two half day mediations or up to four time limited telephone mediations or

  • Up to four documents only arbitrations

  • Bespoke ADR clauses for your business contracts

  • Up to five calls or online meetings with one of our dispute resolution specialists - use this time to discuss conflict within the workplace, with clients or to seek advice and guidance on an upcoming mediation or arbitration your business is involved in

  • One call or online meeting with one of our negotiation specialists - use this time to discuss a dispute, a new contract or deal or to gain advice and insight in to how to renegotiate an important contract

  • Up to two online introduction to ADR awareness seminars for your business

  • Use the Disputeshock brand to win more business and retain customers

  • 15% discount on other Hunt ADR services including arbitration, mediation and mediator skills training

Mediation Rates for Protect+ Subscribers (including 15% discount):

Our mediators facilitate the resolution of civil and commercial disputes. They are available for a fixed price that covers all pre-mediation preparation and an 8-hour mediation day. The fixed price is £750 plus VAT for disputes involving two parties where the amount in dispute is under £500,000.


If there are more than two parties or if the dispute is for more than £500,000 please contact us for a quote.


If the mediation is online there are no additional costs for any third party hosting like Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams.  If the mediation involves a physical meeting additional costs for room hire, refreshments, equipment etc may apply.  No travel costs will be charged without prior agreement. Physical meetings are currently suspended and will not be available until government advice confirms it is safe for people to travel and meet together.


If the mediation day exceeds 8 hours an extra hourly charge of £106.25 per hour plus VAT will apply.  The mediator will only proceed once the parties have confirmed their acceptance of overtime.


Our telephone mediation service covers disputes of up to £50,000 at just £250.75 plus VAT.

Arbitration Rates for Protect+ Subscribers (including 15% discount):

Using our ‘documents only’ arbitration rules we appoint arbitrators on an 'ad hoc' or case by case basis. These rules are based initially on a documents only process with no additional costs for room hire, travel, refreshments, equipment etc. For more complex cases the Rules allow for hearings, which until further notice can only be held online.  Costs are on a sliding scale as follows:


  • Disputes up to £75,000 cost £816 plus VAT per party

  • Disputes between £75,001 and £250,000 cost £1,360 plus VAT per party

  • Disputes between £250,001 and £750,000 cost £1,865.75 plus VAT per party

  • For disputes in excess of £750,000 contact us direct for a quote


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